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From The Manager's Mouth!


As I sit to write this blog I see that I haven’t put my thoughts onto paper for this year and I would like to start by apologizing for that!
It has been a hectic year - so much has happened and yet it feels like yesterday that it was our New Year’s Eve Party which, by the way, was a complete thrash! Everyone completely and utterly enjoyed themselves.

So, let’s start with the news: 

Our son is growing to be a little boy before his time, already getting tall and demanding more than “no” when it comes to answers. Anri & Cornel’s little boy, as well as all the staff who have had kids since I have been here, are doing well and growing strong.

As to what has been happening here, some of the events are:

  • We had a fantastic Craft Beer, Food & Wine festival in March followed by a Golf Day. I have to say I took great joy in winning it with a friend of mine. We just had one of those days. With this in mind, I can’t be upset that my Handicap is now 15… So almost more a golfer than hotelier!!
  • Weddings this year shifted from last year’s May to July, with us hosting a wedding almost every weekend, and still a few to come. All our bridal couples loved choosing us.
  • Valentines, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were all a hit with a full house of guests and lots of delighted restaurant visitors.                                                                                                                       

What's to come?

  • We have our Year End functions to host. Have you booked yours?
  • We also have our extremely popular Christmas Day lunch and New Year’s Day
    event (also suggest you book sooner than later)
  • You have lots of weekends to come along and enjoy our new look Sunday Special’s -we are giving our carvery a revamp and will be back, bigger and better!

Now, the main reason for this blog: 

We had the Fantastic Fun FamilUmthunziy Fishing Weekend on the 2nd weekend in July. Considering the weather didn’t play in tune, with elements against us, we still managed to have fun and catch some fish; eight different species and 35 in total amongst the participants.The whole weekend was a hit! Friday night started with a small briefing in the bar followed by dinner. Next morning, before the sun was up, we were on the beach setting up and enjoying the sunrise. Wors rolls on the beach with cold drinks and tea & coffee, plus a muffin for those needing it! I can say that, although we had a few participants, next year we will make sure it is as much fun but larger, with bigger prizes and more action! So make sure you book your place not to miss out.Again, I will endeavour to write once a month at least. We have found a few guys who will be assisting in a little more informative blogging and offering tips from Conferencing, Weddings, Fun in the Sun. 


Hey, maybe I will even throw in a Wine & Food Pairing one! 

On that note, before I go and open this particular red (that has me hooked at the moment) let me tell you about it – Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage. What a fabulous wine, full of flavour, decent tannin structure, but very drinkable and most defiantly in the right price point. So make sure you get a bottle the next time you’re looking for a great, easy drinking red!

Cheers, or FOUR if you are about to tee off in front of me! Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Ryan Ringo    

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