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One Conference Planning Checklist To Rule Them All

conference planning checklist

Conference planning; where does one begin?

From coordinating schedules, finding a venue, securing vendors to marketing your conference; the task list that conference planners face is endless.I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it is incredibly easy for a conference planner to miss a step accidentally or for some steps to fall through the cracks; this is by no means due to a lack of organization, but just due to the immense amount of work that needs to get done.

Lists are always helpful, but we understand how hard it is to find a single, simple yet comprehensive conference planning checklist that takes you through all the planning stages; pre, during and post.

More than a list, a conference planner needs a single document that lists the tasks, allocates it to someone and that shows the deadline. Using a list for each of these becomes unmanageable and inefficient; all this should be within a single document. You and I both know that the challenges that conference planners face are endless; sometimes it seems like a bottomless pit of despair!

Well, it turns out that it doesn’t have to be!

There is a way to turn that pit of despair to a fountain of conference flair! Gone are your days of letting tasks go unattended, of missing deadlines, of not knowing which stage or what the status of a task is. You no longer have to spend time planning and creating a planning list, you can just spend your time planning and organising a conference. You can have full control of your team, of tasks, of deadlines, of vendors in one simple list.

One list to rule them all!

Our Ultimate Conference Planners Checklist helps you organize, plan and monitor your conference preparations in one single document. The checklist takes you from the pre conference to the post conference stage and ensures that you have insight into every nitty gritty detail.

From creating content to liaising with speakers, to live stream and logistical plans, this list has got you covered. The list is simple yet detailed and has columns for the task at hand, start and end dates, person responsible and current status. It can be printed and also be used as a working document online so that you can see what is going on at any point; you will also be able to track the changes that have been made on the document.

Our conference planning checklist is the only aid that you will need when planning your next big conference!

Download your copy now!

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